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Bartering on its way back!

Do you have a surplus of a certain crop this year? Or maybe actually your crop isn't what you'd like it to be (Cough Cough Tomato Blight).  Ever wished you could trade for something else with other farmers easily?

That may now be possible with the take off of a relatively new website called Veggie Trader. For four months now, they have been providing what some call " the Craigslist for vegetables". You can buy, sell, or trade your home grown produce with anyone in your area, free of charge.

Image from VeggieTrader.com

Image from VeggieTrader.com

From the listings that I looked up, many, many folks are specifically bartering. People are trading veggies, seeds, fruits, flowers, herbs, and other plants and items. It really is a great idea if you have a surplus.

There are some humorous posts there too such as, "My mint is growing like weeds. I can provide enough to keep the mojitos coming for the rest of the summer." Their desired produce was sage, chives, or rosemary.

Veggie Trader was started by a group of people both on the West Coast (Portland, OR) and the East Coast. They claim they got started with a single lemon tree which fruited and often went to waste. They realized that more people can utilize their extras by trading and thus Veggie Trader was born. To read more about their food journey, check out the Veggie Trader Blog.