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Top 5 Free Apps from the Android Marketplace

Here are my picks for Top Five Free Apps from the Android Marketplace:*

1. Lookout - What's more important than protecting the safety of your smart phone? Nothing. We all rely on our phones now to keep up to date with our work, friends, family and you can't risk a malicious attack. Lookout protects your phone from viruses and hackers. Whenever you download an app from the marketplace or apply an update to an app, it checks to make sure it is safe. This also applies to emails, attachments, and similar media. Pay features include "Nuke", where a user can completely wipe the contents of their phone in the case that it is lost/stolen and you want to maintain the privacy of your data.

Key Features:

  • Data Back Up (Contacts, Pictures, etc.) with a Restore to Phone Feature
  • Missing Device Locator and Siren
  • Anti-Virus Scan

2. Advanced Task Killer Free - The number one thing I heard about when choosing a smartphone was the challenge of battery life. Luckily, ATKF helps extend the life of your phone during daily use by automatically and/or manually closing the apps that continue to run in the background. If you want to keep your phone from getting sluggish from all the apps you're using, I highly recommend this app.

Key Features:

  • Kill Programs and Apps
  • Manage Auto Kill Frequency from every 4 hours to every time the screen is off
  • Manage Auto Kill Level, e.g. take an aggressive stance on killing apps or be more moderate
  • Ignore List for the programs you want to keep running (such as Lookout or Alarm Clock)

3. Pandora - If you don't feel like loading your phone up with your favorite albums, try out Pandora radio when you're in the mood for music. If you are familiar with using Pandora on your computer, then using it on your smartphone will be an easy transition. You can create and select different stations to listen to and choose the sound quality of the music. The mobile app even includes interesting explanations from the music genome project that explain why each song was selected.

Key Features:

  • Create radio stations based on artists you enjoy, with automatic shuffling with similar artists selected by the music genome project
  • "Thumbs Up" music you enjoy and want to keep on your station and "Thumbs Down" music you don't want to appear in your playlist

4. TweetCaster - I wanted to save this for a separate Twitter App post, but I need to say i've tried quiet a few apps and TweetCaster has it all. If you tweet, you'll only need this one to get the job done. One touch, long touch, this app uses every feature of the android technology to pack everything into this app.

Key Features:

  • Manage multiple accounts, follow trends, search for tweets near your location or by zip code
  • One touch reply, favorite, retweet, profile access, and share

5. Note Everything - Keep notes for work or remind yourself with an impromptu grocery list, so you don't forget to pick up the milk. Create one touch shortcuts to record voice notes in those moments of genius.

Key Features:

  • Allows import from SD-Card, Outlook, Note Pad, etc. and export to SD-Card, Calender, etc
  • Text Notes, Voice Notes, Note from Google Docs, Note from barcode, and Paintnote
  • Send notes via email, sms, or to other apps
  • Organize with folders

*(All Apps current on a Droid Incredible w/ Froyo 2.2)

Please leave a comment with your favorite Android Apps!