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Lake Wentworth, Wolfeboro, NH

Driving across Lake Wentworth, NH

Driving Across Lake Wentworth, Wolfeboro, NH

Not only was I able to enjoy a beautiful day of fishing, but I received the chance to photograph some great fisherman, as well as the beauty of New Hampshire's Lake Region. This is the beginning of my experience photographing for my bass fishing club. I took some shots during launch, while on the water, as well as at the weigh-in at the end of the day.

Now, I probably caught more sun than fish that day, so I should have grabbed some more shots of my boater Roger, while we were fishing. My determination to catch fish distracted me though. Next time, I plan to get some additional shots.

These fishing opportunities allow for a chance at unique portraiture, lifestyle and action shots, wildlife, and more. Stay tuned for my next outing!

Bruce Weighs in Small mouth and Large mouth Bass

Bruce Weighs in Small and Largemouth Bass


I’ve Been Everywhere (Man)

My blog is now titled as "I've Been Everywhere", with inspiration from a song performed by one of my favorite musicians and Americans, Johnny Cash. The original song was actually written by Australian Geoff Mack and originally contained Australian locations.

Well I can't say that I've been everywhere yet, but I do love to travel. Visiting Australia and hiking the national parks of Tasmania rate high on my travels thus far.

This shot of Wineglass Bay and Beach in Freycinet National Park is amongst my favorites. (Click to enlarge)









Great Donationware Plugin for Lightroom 2 – LR2/Mogrify

If you use Adobe Lightroom 2 to process your images, there are a number of plugins available to assist your workflow. Timothy Armes of Photographer's Toolbox is the official distributor of a number of helpful Lightroom plugins. Mogrify LR2 is a very useful donationware plugin. This plugin primarily is for processing the image as it is being exported. You can add watermarks, borders, text annotation, resize the image, or sharpen, amongst other things.

Photographer's Toolbox provides easy to follow installation instructions. Mogrify utilizes ImageMagick(an open source image modification software) to help process the images during export. Windows users will need to install this manually before installing Mogrify. Mac users have the luxury of having ImageMagick already built into their plugin version.

I use this plugin because I wanted to add a customized watermark to images that I put online. Lightroom can add a copyright watermark, but the ability to customize this function is lacking. With Mogrify, you can add a completely customizable watermark, even a graphical image such as a logo. You can scale your watermark to the size of your image and position it how ever and how often you like.

From my painting with light evening

From my painting with light evening - Outside Border + Watermark

Like I mentioned Mogrify is a donationware plugin so it basically is a trial version until you give a donation and receive a serial number via email. Otherwise, there is a limit to ten images per export. Adding the serial # will take off this restriction. I'd recommend giving this plugin a go  then donate so you can unlock their full potential.

Along with Mogrify, there are additional plugins such as Enfuse, which is a multi-exposure blending tool for creating HDR images. There are also tools for exporting images directly from Lightroom to a blog or gmail, as well as create web galleries.

Timothy Armes also maintains a blog, which is great for finding news on some of the latest tweaks to his plugins, as well as some great posts on photography in general.


Long Exposure Photography – Painting With Light

Alone Under the Moonlight

Alone Under the Moonlight

Last night, I spent some time doing some long exposure photography that I have been waiting to do for a while. The moon was right and the sky was clear. My horses and the landscape were the subjects of this experiment.

Goodnight Oak

Goodnight Oak

I also took some photos inside the old barn where the horses stay. This is probably the last couple months the horses shall live in this 30-40+ year old stable, so I wanted to document all it's weathered character, before they move to a new stable.



I used a technique called "painting with light", in order to create particular highlights where I wished. This technique is simple. You'll need your camera, tripod, cable release or set your camera on timer mode, plus a flashlight(or car headlights, or other means of lighting the scene - be creative). Figure out a base exposure that will keep your shadows dark. Most of my exposures averaged 30 seconds @ f18-22. I probably would have done longer exposures at a lower ISO, if I had a cable release.

During the exposure turn on your light source and shine it quickly on the areas you wish to highlight. This may take some trial and error to get it looking right. The more even you paint the light on, the smoother the image will appear. If you paint wildly, it will look like a raver swinging glow sticks at a nightclub.

Dappled Light

Dappled Light


And There Was One

Originally, I planned to maintain two blogs separate from one another. One would be for photography/design and the other would cover my interests and involvement in agriculture, farming, masonry, conservation, politics etc. Since I already am maintaining my photography website, I figured that I would condense my additional work into one blog.

Twitter has really made me appreciate the act of condensing. The art of the "micro-blog"!

So be on the look out for a variety of updates from me soon.


WordPress installed

I just set up WordPress on my server and i'm loving it. I will now be using this blog to write about photography and design related work that is my own, similar to my own work, or work that just interests me in general.